My Rules of the Life List Club – Guest Post by Lyn Midnight

  • on August 21, 2019

Good morning everyone! I’m at Readercon and slept about 10 hours last night – never underestimate jet lag. Anyway, today’s blog is brought to you by Lyn Midnight as part of the Life List Club. Every other Friday we will be guesting on each other’s blogs. Mine will be up over at Emily Moir’s site some time later on today (because I haven’t sent it to her yet :S)

Hello faithful minions of AM and moi.

I was going to grace my friend’s blog with a soulful post about the meaning of community and importance of shared goals. Yeah… that didn’t last. So now I’ll let my wild horses trample all over this place, hoping that my friend (and fellow life-lister) will forgive me one day.

If you still don’t know what the Life List Club is about, I might as well set some rules. But wait… since I am not the president (that’s Jess) OR the first lady of the LLC (that’s Marcia), I suppose I could just have some fun with this and create my own set of rules that I will adhere to as a proud member of this club. So don’t take me too seriously, okay?

But what am I saying. Nobody takes me seriously anyway. *sigh*

 My Rules of the Life List Club

#1 The first rule of Life List Club is, you must talk about Life List Club. A lot. In this way, you show your appreciation of its existence, and reinforce the idea that every day should be Thanksgiving. Though please try to spare the poor turkeys. Being fattened and slaughtered once a year is quite enough. Otherwise the stress will finish them long before you set the table… I mean the list.

#2 The second rule of LLC is, you MUST talk about LLC. Got it? Okay.

#3 If someone says stop, goes numb, screams out, you bring sustenance and help them fight through their fears and demons, just like all LLC members should do for one another. Remember, friends are only there to kick you in the shins when you are down, so that when you rise up to kick them back, you’re no longer down. Tada!

You Raise Me Up by Westlife VIDEO!

#4 Anyone’s welcome to whine, dine, and pine as long as you’ve completed the goal you’d set up. Otherwise, we’ll stop you at the entrance and make you watch people go in and out, having the time of their lives, while you’re soaking wet in the friggin’ rain. (Because it’s always raining when we’re sad.)

Or something less cruel. We’re still undecided about the logistics.

#5 One goal at a time. Small steps will get you to the end goal. Big steps will kick you in the butt. Think of it this way. Can you climb the stairs taking more than one step at a time? Wait, yes you can. But the possibility of you slipping and snapping your neck is much bigger when you’re going too fast.

Think about that the next time you climb stairs. Or you know, set goals.

#6 No trash talk, no fake ID’s. If we’re gonna have those parties, you better be over 18. Because let’s say some of us like to spike things with… stronger things. You know, because of the fun!

#7 Life Lists will be as long as they have to be.

Though remember that we talked about 12 months, not 12 years!

#8 If this is the first time you’ve heard of LLC, you must join in the fray and soon you’ll forget you didn’t know about it before today. That’s the magic we work on unsuspecting passers-by. What is more, feel free to butt in, ass out, and jump between at any time we post, tweet, or shout in your immediate area.

We’d do the same to you! And if you can’t beat us, you must join us.


Lyn Midnight writes in various genres and formats (fantasy, scifi, poetry), and likes to blog about anything her heart desires over at Lyn Midnight Against the Odds. She is currently working on a scifi novel and managing another blog – The Burning of Innocence – where she posts fantasy flash chapters. The person behind the handle is a Psychology graduate and eternal nomad, trying to make her big break somewhere in England. Long live the Queen! And long live our dreams.


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