Kuroinu VN Ch.1 P.1

The plain “Eos” is located in the west of “Serenus Continent”. The battle between the allies and the demon army, which has been conducted for hundreds of years around the seven forts on the northern border, will reach its final stage triggered by the decline of the power of the Queen of Dark Elves. It looked like. The Allied Forces, who formed the Seven Shield Alliance under the call of High Elf, the birthplace of the goddess, and continued to oppose the Magic Army, ended the battle with a mercenary corps headed by the hero… Ask the Black Dog Mercenary Company for avant-garde for all-out war. However, the Black Dog Mercenaries invaded the land of the Queen of Dark Elves, then moved to the country of the Queen of Dark Elves and began to invade the former ally. Surprise, jealousy, resentment, sorrow … The allied people suspected the declaration made by the betrayal protagonist who led the mercenary corps against the allied side that showed various reactions.

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  • Are you purchase this on dlsite or using a unofficial english patch?

    Lord A. June 25, 2020 1:15 pm Reply
  • if you came here for the hentai there isn't any

    Rever Sleve June 25, 2020 1:15 pm Reply

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