I’m going to be published. In print. Like, in a BOOK.

  • on August 21, 2019

I wrote a story. It was crap. So I edited it some more. It was still crap. This bloody thing has fought me every step of the way. You may have seen/heard me rant about this m*therf&%ker of a story which just WOULD. NOT. WORK.

This heinous lack of cooperation continued through three drafts. For a story which was only about 3k long, that qualifies as heinous in my book.

Then I gave up.

Yes, really.

Then I went to Harrogate and was forced to overhear Foxy Publisher Lady talk about all the cool people were going to be in this anthology. The one my story was written for. Yes, that’s right. The story I had given up on.

So I un-gave up and tried again.

Changed the main POV to a totally different character.

(That had potential.)

Then I actually came up with a plot.

(Always helpful.)

And then I wrote the story. Again.

But this time from scratch.

And it WORKED.

I mean, like really worked. Like, just… working.

(Have run out of ways to explain this. You’ll have to take my word for it.)

Sent it to beta readers, holding my breath, vacillating between utter joy and the knowledge that I might be wrong and it might not be working and I could be the biggest loser the world has ever EVER seen and I would die in the gutter, penniless and unmourned, tasting only the black bile of my worthlessness…

You know the drill.

But no.

No, I say.

It really did work.

Beta #1 said so.

So I sent it to Beta #2.

(2nd opinions, you know.)

She said the same thing.

So I sent it to Foxy Publisher Lady, who has been waiting for my promised contribution for quite a while, may the gods ever smile on her and provide her with clean socks.

She had guests and couldn’t read it straight away.

*gnaws nails, fingers, hands, forearms*

Then she read it.


She liked it!

So it’s going to be published in the ‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ anthology and there will be a print edition as well as an ebook edition. Which means I’ll hold in my hands (and possibly mouth – it’s entirely my business so just look away if that kind of thing upsets you) a book containing words strung together by me.

If you need me I’ll be around here somewhere, eating ice cream and singing.


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