Biochemistry & Histology Board Review Games for the USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1

Rapidly review your first and second years of medical school to supercharge your memory of high-yield facts to maximize your USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1 board scores. Try 50 questions for free! Complete app has 1,000 questions.

Benefits for medical students:

• Enhanced consolidation- Crystallize & structure your medical knowledge into your declarative memory through repeated testing so can remember what you studied

• Cost effective- Less than a penny a question, one-time cost, no subscriptions, free trial

• Supplementary study tool- Complement any study regimen & improve your recall of high-yield board facts

• Quick feedback- Green is right, Red is right, and move on! No long vignettes or explanations to slow you down (do vignettes & look up medical text on your own time).

• “Creates” study time- Play Scrub Wars anywhere especially where you normally would not study like waiting in line, between classes, while waiting for rounds to start, or even on the toilet!

• Spaced learning- Improve memory retention as high-yield board facts are purposely placed in distinct intervals throughout the app & reviewed again by your Teaching Attending after completing each level (need 70% correct to pass a level).

• Decrease test anxiety- You will worry less during exams & pimping if you know that you know your material cold

• Content created by trusted sources- Questions written/edited/tested by physicians, professors, and medical students

• Engaging “edutainment”- The action-packed gameplay, spectacular graphics, & customized authentic space-themed game soundtrack will make studying fun

• Responsive study tool- Email the CEO of Precision Enterprises, LLC straight from the app with any problems, bugs, or suggestion requests for future apps

• Diverse application- In addition to medical students, other professional graduate students can benefit from the content review including students studying to become dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, podiatrists, academic scientists, physician assistants, physical therapists, and nurses (RN, LVN, NP).

Topics Included in this medical board test prep app:
1. M1 Immunology

2. M1 Ethics and Statistics

3. M1 Biochemistry & Genetics

4. M1 Biochem – Nutrition

5. M1 Gross Anatomy I

6. M1 Gross Anatomy II

7. M1 Histology and Embryology

8. M1 Neuroscience

9. M1 Physiology I

10. M1 Physiology II

11. M2 General Pathology/Pharmacology

12. M2 Respiratory

13. M2 Behavioral Medicine

14. M2 Cardiology

15. M2 Renal

16. M2 GI

17. M2 Musc/Skel

18. M2 Infectious Disease (Microbiology, Immunology, Antimicrobials)

19. M2 Hematology/Oncology

20. M2 Endocrinology

The Scrub Wars franchise was very popular when introduced at the 2014 and 2015 AMSA Annual meetings, the 2014 UC Davis Pre-Health Expo, and the 2013 DevLearn/Adobe Learning Summit (among students, professors, physicians, teaching administrators, parents, & gaming experts).


Due to the declining work habits and perceived inferior intellect of modern medical students as noted by medical administrators, the deans of every medical school worked collectively to hire the Peyronie Attending (a famous neurosurgeon) and jointly funded the richest physician contract in the history of medicine. The Peyronie Attending will travel from Seattle to Miami by spending a few weeks at every medical school. Under the guidance of your professional mentors, the Benevolent Attending & the Teaching Attending, you must now withstand the onslaught of an aggressive pimping and testing campaign led by your megalomaniac chief rival. The time to establish dominance on the wards has begun. Scrub Wars must now take place!


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