Good news and bad news

by Mhairi Simpson on February 20, 2013

The good news is that yesterday I signed and returned a contract with Just Ink Press for my YA fantasy novella INDIGO. After bouncing around my head for about four and a half years, the story is finally down on the page, and it’s going to be published! Which is brilliant for me and for the story – I feel like I’ve finally rewarded it for its persistence. Every few months for years it has stuck its head above the parapet and waved. Hopefully this will lead to more stories in that world, and the main character is actually due to overlap with a bunch of other characters whose series I’d already started thinking about, so plenty of material there.

The other good news is that I decided to stop torturing myself and just print out the second act of NIGHT SHIFT, because my brain simply cannot keep track of what I’ve done and what needs to be done. So the printer is doing its printerly thing beside me and that will be my next task – to read it through and figure out what else, if anything, needs changing. After adding this in and taking that out, I no longer have any clue how it goes. This seems to be the least painful way of reminding myself.

More good news – my car was much less damaged than we feared. The check engine light has been on for about three months, but for most of that time I couldn’t afford to get it sorted. Finally took it in yesterday, fully aware that what was causing the check engine light could well turn out to be the least of my worries, as there was a chance that fault might have affected another part of the car. But it hadn’t, all the other stuff was fine, so I have my car-baby back and there aren’t any lights at all on the dashboard (in daylight, at least). No fuel empty light. No check engine light. I feel quite grown-up, driving around in a car which doesn’t have anything wrong with it.

The bad news, well…

The bad news is I’ve lost my sketch book. I’ve looked everywhere and while I found an older one, which just has jewellery designs in it, I can’t find the one I was drawing 21st Century Dragon/Finder/other random stuff in.

It’s awful 🙁

It’s not that I can’t draw those things again, but more that that sketch book is a kind of history of my beginner’s drawing attempts. I liked what I did there, and I liked comparing later things to earlier things and seeing how I improved and pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. It was a little ego boost for me, and of course, it was nice to flip back through and remember little things I’d forgotten I’d done. I haven’t picked it up in a while (obviously) and now I can’t find it. I haz a sad.

Just phoned my mother to see if I left it at her place. Looking at my computer files, the last time I scanned something in from it was before I went down there, so I guess I may have left it behind when I came away. Unusual. Or it could be knocking around my car, which would be less unusual. There’s a lot of junk knocking around my car.

Anyway, I am sketchbook-less. Well, I’m not. I have another one. But I’m that particular sketchbook-less. Will go and check my car before lunch, though. I know me. This is going to bug me like crazy until I find out where it got to.

I want my sketchbook baby back!!

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